The financial structure of the university is closely connected to its development plan. The Accounting Office develops budget according to the execution plan with proper evaluation to increase the effectiveness of resource allocation.

Our core tasks are: budgeting, examination and monthly financial controlling, final accounts, auditing and writing off programs, setting the standard of tuition and miscellaneous fees, and promoting information technology. The organizing principle is zero base budgeting, prioritization, making ends meet, information circulation, communication and coherence. The accounting office aims to:

  1. Align with the development goals of the university by combining the budget with annual working plan.
  2. Take the need of annual working plan into consideration by using zero base budgeting strategy to develop annual budget.
  3. Consider the goal of the university and the budget available. Evaluate the importance, urgency, and specialty of programs to allocate budget. The budget will be reviewed by the budgeting committee before submitting to the general annual budget review.


We utilize the competencies and professional knowledge of accountants to ensure the safety of university property, preventing fraud and waste. With these efforts, we aim to enhance the development of the university, enhance the performance, distribute resources effectively, and prevent waste, fraud and corruption.

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