Budgeting Division

NameLAI I-CHENTitle NameDivision Chief of Budgeting Division
DutyComprehensive analysis of budgeting division.
NameLEE CHUN-CHUTitle NameSenior Clerk
Duty1.  Academic review of accounting documents.  (College of Science. College of Business. School of Design. College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. School of Law.)
2. Tuition and Incidental fees. (Regular students)
3. Various fees refunds.
NameCHANG SSU-TINGTitle NameClerk
Duty1. Administrative review of accounting documents.
2. Contract review.
3. Property acceptance.
NameCHANG SU-HUATitle NameClerk
Duty1. Voucher preparation.
2. Monthly and annual financial statements preparation.
NameHSIAO LI-PINTitle NameAssociate Clerk
Duty1. Academic review of accounting documents. (College of Engineering.  College of Humanities and Education.)
2. Budget formulation.
3. Chung Yuan Christian University Mental Health Clinic Provisional Office and Mental Health Clinic.
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